House renovation


Terra-Kop SOD includes the construction of residential and non-residential buildings, construction of prefabricated houses and earth excavation base tapes,basements, manholes, cesspools, flattening – leveling the ground for the construction, transportation of surplus material from the field and filling the ground for construction, high Roh- Bau as well as „Turnkey“ systems.

Bearing these facts in mind and respecting your wishes and requirements, let us introduce you to the following types of objects:

  • weekend houses
  • family houses
  • luxury houses
  • business and production facilities
  • child care centres
  • school
  • bungalows
  • residential and non-residential buildings.


If you decide to build prefabricated house with our firm, your choise can tell us that you have decided it because it really is a primarily about:

• fast and high quality construction
• environmentally healthy living
• without fear of earthquakes
• about warm housesin winter and cooling in summer.

All stated and contracted work are located in a separate agreement on the conclusion of the work, which is done in four copies where the client retains a two and the contractor retains also two copies.

All subsequent annexes of the contract, in a case when client wants some change of the deals during the construction phase, are added to the contract and the client is obligated to pay them in the next payment.

The deadline for completing the building is 45 days. The warranty on the building is 60 years and 2 years of warranty at correcting possible errors.