Prefabricated housesby the system Roh-Bau

are negotiated with the customer and delivered as a ready assembled on the base, or we can makebasesas well as the basement and assembly of prefabricated houses on customer’s request.We can negotiate what the customer wants to do with internal windows, plasterboard , water-sharing and electrical installations, with ceramic tiles, floors and toilets. Or without everythingsaid above, it’s understood that in this system called „Roh Bau“ we do home installation, cover, demit facade 5 cm mineral troweled, external carpentry, paintwork and a rough distribution of water and electricity. Which means that we respondto your wishes and booking in writing or verbally form before negotiate business.

Wall section:



Prefabricated houses by the system High Roh-Bau

  • installation of the house
  • covering
  • installation of metal sheet
  • external and internal wooden carpentry and PVC carpentry
  • installation of glass,
  • plasterboard on the interior walls
  • heat insulation 5 cm mineral facades with the set of electrical cables and water installation.

Prefabricated house on a “Turnkey”

  • bringing you the desired mounting home covering houses (tiles, sheet metal, tile)
  • installation of wooden carpentry: internal and external,installation of glass as PVC
  • production of demit 5 cm mineral facades, scraped-white
  • installation of plasterboard on the interior walls and ceilings, as well as their Polikolor coloring
  • distribution  of water installations with white sanitary ware (toilet, shower, water heater, sink and battery in the bathroom and niche)
  • tiling in the bathroom to the ceiling and niche height up to 150 cm, as well as ceramic floor tiles
  • setting the icing on floors that are required to be dry 30 days from the date of installation
  • setting laminate and laminate moldings
  • conduit electrical installations with wiring looms and placing electrical switches, lamp holders with light bulbs, automatic fuses in the hallway with the box, setting up electrical-distribution cabinets without electric meter.
  • installation of chimney 160  or 130 mm in the niche. Price 560-600 BAM for 1 m²including VAT.

Construction the bases

  • excavation and concreting fundamental reinforced tape reinforced with iron diameter of 10 mm and 6 mm
  • concreting abovegroundbases
  • concreting final plate at the basis of the so-called dead plate that is reinforced with 6×6 mm a.m.
  • inastallation of water drain in the bathroom and a niche, as well as the entry of water
  • painting aboveground concrete base with color on customer’s request.
  • production of cesspools of concrete pipe diameter 1000 mm. Price for 1 m² is 100 BAM